The Amazing Us

About Us

Company Overview/ Background

We are an Image Management Consultancy that specializes in Color and Style Analysis, Event Management, Training and Coaching for Individuals and Corporate Bodies.  Our Image Consulting service (Style & Color Analysis) is a High End service that is a first in the Ghanaian market. Amazing-U was founded in 2010 in response to a gap in the image and coaching markets in Ghana. Making available our premium services to individuals and businesses allows them to create and present a powerful image and reach their full potential. Through this, we seek to bring about global levels of style, success and service to Ghana and the rest of Africa.

Our Vision

'To make the world a happier place.'

The Amazing-U vision is highly centered on helping people to live and experience a more Fulfilled, Healthier, Happier and Productive life.

Our Mission

To help individuals and businesses reach the heights they dream of and beyond, by offering a combination of unique services and resources that create, enhance and improve Behavior, Mental Attitudes, Physical Appearance and Events.

Our Values

At Amazing-U we strive to provide a Heroic & Premium service that makes a difference in the lives of our Corporate and Individual clients. Our Vision and Mission are built around People, Happiness, Style and Creativity and Love for life. We believe that in spite of background, fears and various challenges, every human being can experience a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. We strive for excellence in the rendering of our services, bent at all times, to satisfy and exceed the expectations of our clients.


Amazing Tip

You can be the success you seek.

Believe in yourself & dream BIG!


Not stressed, Positive, Affirmative, Eye opening….. Karis Senanu