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29 APRIL - 10 MAY 2017.   8.30am - 5.30pm daily. LABADI BEACH HOTEL. LA, ACCRA

29-30 April & 6-7 May 2017  (4 DAY DIPLOMA - WEEKEND)

2-5 May 2017 (4 DAY DIPLOMA - WEEKDAY)

2-5 & 8-10 May 2017 (7 DAY PRACTITIONER)

FEES COVER: Training, Manual, Certificate, Lunch and 2 breaks

with JESS REED-ROBBINS Author & NLP Trainer
and NICK REED-ROBBINS NLP Trainer & Peak Performance Coach
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Following a successful Course in January, Amazing-U (Ghana) and Reed-Robbins Performance Solutions (UK) are partnering again!

Feedback from a delegate who initially registered for a Diploma and completed 7 Day Practitioner Training:

"What I liked most about the Course: The rich content itself with its life transforming nature; the practice sessions that gave us hands-on experience (and) the wonderful people we met... -My business and personal income levels have improved at an amazing rate through the achieving the impossible goal-setting technique.  I am also much less anxious about my stammer now.  I speak more freely in public and am gradually improving in fluency.  I wholeheartedly recommend this NLP Training to anyone who wants to take any aspect of (his) life to a new level."

Vincent Tsebewu (Entrepreneur, Micro Finance)


What Do You Get?

There are just 7 NLP Training days in total at Practitioner Level.

When you complete days 1,2,3 and 4, you will be awarded an NLP Diploma Certificate (INLPTA).

If you continue on to do days 5, 6 and 7 you will receive a Practitioner Qualification (ABNLP).

The first two days of the Course will give you an amazing insight to how powerful NLP can be.  You will learn how the mind works, how to read people and influence them at a deep unconscious level and how to coach someone towards achieving everything they want to be, do and have.  You'll also learn how to remove limiting beliefs that prevent us from having what we want.  It's an enlightening and FUN weekend.


Dates: Weekend: 29-30 April & 6-7 May 2017.              Weekday: 2-5 May 2017.

By completing the 4 day Diploma Course, which is the first 4 days of the Practitioner Course, you will learn most of the performance psychology of NLP, which you can start using in your life, business, relationships, finances etc.  You will have all the communication and influencing skills of NLP, along with the effortless goal achievement skills and emotional mastery! You'll have the first few tools of personal transformation under your belt so you can start using interventions with clients if you wish.


Dates: 2-5 & 8-10 May 2017.

In the final 3 days of the programme, we will introduce you to the incredible coaching interventions that make NLP the most effective coaching methodology in the world. On completion of all 7 days of the Practitioner training, you will receive your internationally recognised NLP Practitioner Qualification. You will be qualified to coach others in NLP and be eligible for membership to an association such as the ABNLP.

You will be ready to start coaching clients from the moment you finish the course or sooner if you so wish!

You will also be invited to bi-monthly NLP Practice evenings where you can meet other like-minded Practitioners and practice your skills in a fun environment. You will receive coaching from others and learn new skills from guest speakers.


By studying the performance psychology of NLP, you will be able to do the following:

  • Discover your true potential and construct the future you really want!
  • Make personal breakthroughs towards your life goals and achieve your dreams more effortlessly.
  • Start a financially and emotionally rewarding coaching career, over the phone or in person.
  • Coach people as part of your existing career.
  • Become a powerful and inspirational leader and effective manager of people.
  • Share your new knowledge of performance psychology with others as part of a new or existing training career.
  • Implement revolutionary cultural change programmes using the principles of NLP performance psychology.
  • Increase employee engagement by applying NLP performance psychology principles at work.

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4-day NLP Diploma Course: GHS 3,995 only

7-day NLP Practitioner Course: GHS 6,600 only


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13 April 2017



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