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Individual Image

An Amazing-U Image consultation will equip you with the knowledge and confidence you need to dress appropriately to suit your lifestyle. You will be provided with vital information on how to dress for different occasions/situations and receive grooming tips.

Our clients include Executives, Celebrities, Entrepreneurs among others.

A full Image Consultation comprises of a Colour & Style Analysis.  Following that, we will be available for wardrobe management and personal shopping assistance as well as other guidance as and when you require,

Colour Analysis 

Would you like to know how to dress to enhance your skintone rather than guessing and feeling uncertain about how you look?

Do you want to project more confidence by understanding how you colours affect you and those you wish to influence?

Have you noticed that you have a lot of clothes, shoes, other accessories and make-up colours which you hardly use?

You may have a reason to like certain colours. Now it is time to discover the ones which put you in focus. Based on your natural unique colouring and through a scientific technique, your best colouruo will be revealed - for clothing, make up and accent pieces.

As part of your Colour Consultation, you will receive a personalised wallet to enable you to make the right colour choices during your next purchase.

Style Analysis

Do you want to look well put together whether the stress on wondering if what you are wearing actually suits you?

Have you wondered how you can enhance your appearance and feel totally comfortable in different situations?

Would you benefit from knowing the particular fabrics, print and styles which are most flattering for your body?

Yes, you can look stunning no matter your age, height and weight – it’s case of know how and we are here to show you.

This knowledge will save you time and money as you will now only invest in garments which enhance you. You will also increase your personal impact as you will look in control of your image.

Image Consultations are strictly by appointment and last between 2.5hrs to 3hrs.

You can look and feel Amazing, have more confidence and build better relationships.

Call us on 0265502977; Book an appointment now! Change your Image, Change your life!

*Group Consultations and mobile service available upon request.

*Style Parties can be arranged at a separate cost. (Call us for details)


Amazing Tip

You can be the success you seek.

Believe in yourself & dream BIG!


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