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Leading Organisations of all sizes and sectors utilise training to effectively implement their vision, values and strategy. We provide tailored training packages to ensure your Corporate Image establishes presence and sets you apart for all the right reasons. Conduct and Communication (verbal and otherwise) of key staff should be of the highest standards and be a benefit to your brand.

Training will ensure maximized efficiency and productivity. Its benefits include improved professionalism, improved internal/external communications and retention of talent base.









We offer Training Packages in:

  • Effective Customer Care
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Confidence Building
  • Business and Dining Etiquette
  • Developing Assertive Skills
  • Rapport and Communication Skills
  • Effective Presentation Skills

Training can be conducted in different ways to suit your preference:

  • Personal/ Individual Training
  • Team / Workshops
  • Organizational / Seminars

As an Entrepreneur, Executive or HR Professional, you may be concerned about how your company is presented.  Why don’t you speak to Amazing-U about how we can support you in this area.

Our International qualifications, extensive experience & passion for excellence along with our fun yet effective approach will help you to advance your Company to where you want it to be.  We are ready to help you.  If you are too, then Contact us to discuss how we will do this.

*Contracts can be on a retainer or for specific periods.


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