Upcoming Book

The Confidence-Abundance Connection is Jennifer Agyeman's debut book.  In it, she offers 10 Principles for enjoying the success of an Abundant life.  The initials of the 10 Chapters, Courage, Optimism,Now: take Action, Focus, Inspiration, Diligence, Engage, Nurture - Self, Collaboration and Enthusiasm spell out CONFIDENCE.l

Jennifer is a firm believer that people, no matter their background, can overcome difficulties and the limits (perceived and real) which make them feel in a state of lack or being stuck, and transition into fulfilling and healthy life.  This should show in their health, relationships and finances amongst others.

She wants to help people achieve positive changes and would like to receive your feedback from this gift to you.  Enjoy the book, let it challenge and change you to become the amazing person you were born to be.  Let her know how the journey is going - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Amazing Tip

You can be the success you seek.

Believe in yourself & dream BIG!


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